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Zorto Restaurant Prague

With us you can choose from a wide variety of traditional Czech cuisine and international dishes including pasta and pizza. We of course have a selection of grilled meat dishes, salads and desserts.

Selection of hot and cold breakfast from the daily menu.
Breakfast is served from 8.30 am or by prior arrangement.

0.25l - soup according to the daily menu… 55 CZK

Spicy homemade camembert with our baguette (1,7) ... 95 CZK
Beef steak tartare with toast (8 pcs) and garlic … 205 CZK
Farm fries with homemade tartar sauce… 89 CZK

200 g Fried chicken breast or pork chop wrapped in corn breadcrumbs with lemon (1,3,7)… CZK 195
200 g Chicken breast with grilled vegetables and garlic dip ... CZK 185
150 g Grilled smoked cheese wrapped in English bacon with lightly garlic dip "Marie Rose"… CZK 195
150 g Fried cheese DUO (camembert + eidam) with homemade tartar sauce (1,3,7) ... 169 CZK
200 g Grilled pork tenderloin on green pepper … 219 CZK
125 g Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet with creamy spinach and lemon (7,4)… 235 CZK
250 g Creamy risotto with chicken, cream, garlic, prossciutto, white wine, arugula and parmesan (7) ... 235 CZK
250 g Spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, hot pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and parmesan (1,3,7) ... 145 CZK

200g Plejskavice (grilled minced mixed meat) in a homemade wheat bun with roasted pepper dip, Balkan salad and farmed potato chips (3,7,9,12)… 259 CZK
180 g Vesalica - grilled pork slice filled with prosciutto and cheese, served with grilled vegetable and roasted potatoes (7) ... 265 CZK

300 g Caesar salad with roasted chicken breast - lettuce leaves, roasted bacon, Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, roasted chicken breast, parmesan (1,3,7)… 189 CZK
300 g Grilled Camembert with cranberries, a variety of salad leaves and seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes and homemade baguette (1.7) ... 175 CZK
300 g Tuna salad - variations of fresh vegetables and lettuce leaves, tuna, eggs, corn, red onion, mix of olives, dressing, homemade baguette (1,3,4,7)… 235 CZK

Quattro stagioni - tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, salami, mushrooms (1,7) 220 CZK
Quattro formaggi - cream, cheese variations - blue DOP cheese, smoked cheese, cheese with white mold on the surface, mozzarella (1,7)… 245 CZK
Prosciutto e olive - tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, olives, arugula (1,5)… 245 CZK
Capricciosa - tomato sugo, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms (1,7)… 195 CZK
Bacon - tomato sugo, mozzarella, bacon, eggs (1,3,7)… 185 CZK
La Crema - cream, mozzarella, ham, blue cheese, parmesan (1,7)… 220 CZK
Mesicana - tomato sugo, salami, ham, hot peppers and sweet peppers (1,7)… 185 CZK
Funghi e olive - tomato sugo, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives, eggs (1,3,7)… 195 CZK
Pizza Tonno - tomato sugo, mozzarella, tuna, red onion (1,3,4,7)… 245 CZK

Farm fries… 48 CZK
Steamed rice… CZK 38
Boiled potatoes with butter… 42 CZK
Roasted potatoes… 45 CZK
Grilled vegetables… 65 CZK
Homemade baguette - basket… 48 CZK
Toast with garlic (1,7) 2 pcs… 20 CZK

Suflle di cioccolato - warm chocolate cake with wild berry sauce and homemade whipped cream (1,3,7) 119 CZK

Parma ham, chicken, parmesan ... 39 CZK
Blue cheese DOP, Camembert, olives, salami, bacon, mozzarella, smoked cheese, ham ... 30 CZK
Eggs, corn, mushrooms, onions, garlic, broccoli, capers, 4 pcs of pickled peppers, cranberries ... 20 CZK

Ketchup… 15 CZK
Tartar sauce (3,7,10)… 15 CZK
Sweet chilli… 15 CZK

Cooking time is 15-45 minutes depending on how complex the preparation is.
You will be charged 10 CZK for a food or pizza box.
Half-portions are 70% of the price of food.
We don't give back change on your meal tickets.
Thanks for visiting!
The team of Zorto restaurant.
For each dish is given content of food allergens, which are subject to legislative labeling according to EU Directive 1169/11:
1) Cereals containing gluten
2) Crustaceans and products thereof
3) Eggs and products thereof
4) Fish and products thereof
5) Groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof
6) Soy beans (soy) and products thereof
7) Milk and products thereof
8) Nuts and products thereof
9) Celery and products thereof
10) Mustard and products thereof
11) Sesame seeds (sesame) and products thereof
12) Carbon dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher than 10 mg ml / kg, l, expressed SO2
13) Lupin (Lupin) and products thereof
14) Molluscs and products thereof


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